More Attractive - Body Splash by Dr. Secret

LE 250.00 LE 310.00
More attractive body splash
A mixture of the purest essential oils and moisturizing elements for the skin and rich in vitamin E. The liquid product has a watery, non-sticky texture.
Description and components of the fragrance:
The concept of the fragrance is based on its ability to subjugate and attract energetic men.
The top notes of the fragrance are floral, petitgrain, and marine, which gives the fragrance a delicate floral scent that attracts your senses. These floral notes blend with the woody notes of the heart of this fragrance in a harmonious way, to give an irresistible scent.
The heart notes are notes of lily and ginger, captivating your feminine sensuality with the woody touch that lines up along with the earthy character of the fragrance.
The base of the fragrance is made of vanilla, cashmere wood, and amber, along with notes of musk at the bottom of its composition, which creates a refreshing scent that gives a good and comfortable feeling for long hours.